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What is COVID-19 and How is it Affecting the World?

By Kateryna Maslovska, Natasha Petrenko, and Myles Franklin-Bey Loyola University junior Jasmine Puria took a trip to Miami for her spring break at the end of February, not thinking anything of it as the United States had just a small number of COVID-19 cases.  She felt fine when she returned in early March, but by […]

What is COVID-19 and how to stay away from it?

by Kateryna Maslovska According to Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, there are 4,461 total cases confirmed in the USA. As for March 16, 2020, there are already 84 deaths across the country and only 17 cases of recovery. How does coronavirus spread? Coronavirus spreads in several ways: from animal to human, from human to human […]

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